Monday Munchees got started back in 1994 with a dream and with the cancellation of an East coast baseball tour because of a recent baseball strike. My inner guidance asked me what else I had been wanting to do, and I remembered that I had desired to begin organizing my research to help ministers, speakers, and teachers by supplying organized, thought-provoking materials for their talks and classes. I loaded up the church computer, typewriter, 3 by 5 cards, and many of my books and headed for a retreat center with a week of time that I now had on my hands. 
Finding our strengths in life takes time, but I have always enjoyed looking for beautiful and unusual looking rocks, and as a child I once considered attending the School of Mines in Colorado, even though my path took me to searching for gold nuggets in the form of quotes, stories, anecdotes, jokes, and statistics that I could share with others.
I pray that this work makes it possible for you to have more time to pursue the passionate work that God has put you on this earth to accomplish.
Blessings to you!
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